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A Live Event In Atlanta, Georgia  |  January 20th - 21st
Dr. Isaac Jones
Erica Jones
Dr. Josh Axe
Jordan Rubin
Dr. Pete Camiolo
Tom Blue, IFM DSD
2 Days With The World's Top Online Health 
Experts To Teach You...
  • “How To Build A Scaleable Online Health Practice...  Without The Grind”
  • “Discover The 3 Step Process To Build A 
    7-Figure Online Health Practice...”
  • "Learn How A Broke Doctor Went From Living At  Home With His Parents To Working With Only Cash Paying Clients Just Two Days A Week."
  • "Doctors and health professionals who have 7 and 8 figure scalable health businesses show you “under the hood” of how they did it… so you can too. " 
" ...Are you frustrated with the current healthcare & insurance bureaucracy?
...Do you want to learn how to systematize a practice or health business so it can run successfully without you?
...Do you want to get insights and knowledge on how to create different streams of residual income from doctors that have done it?
...Are you “settling” for the “status quo” in your position or business and know you’re capable of more?"
With more and more people getting advice from Dr. Google, there has never been a time in history where educated professionals like yourself need to get the true message of health out to the masses. When you do this, more lives will be transformed, you’ll make more money and you’ll have more time to do the things you love.
And the good news? The process is very simple...
There are just three steps to take to build your business in a way that creates...
  • More time for you to spend on your hobbies and the people you love...
  • More money to pay off your debts or finally invest into that one big purchase that you’ve been putting off...
  • More residual income so that you don’t have the constant stress of generating new leads every single month - or worse, worrying about how you’re going to make overhead...
We Want To Help You Break Free From The Frustrations Of The Current Health Model & Repaint Your Future So You Can...
Have More Freedom rejuvenate and spend time with the people you love. Freedom to practice wherever, whenever.
Have a greater impact
...on your patients through modern day technological advances.
Make More Money learning different ways to create residual income, systems of automation and strategies to break free from the insurance game and create a 100% cash based business.
That’s why we’ve put together The Health Experts Alliance in partnership with Dr. Josh Axe... 
  • Take control of your business and life again
  • Create maximal joy in your work day
  • Energize yourself by understanding what your ideal practice or health business looks like
  • Create specific action steps to moving in the direction of your dreams.
We are creating a community...
...Of “Abundant Minded”, “Big Hearted” Doctors And Health Professionals That Will Collaborate, Support And Build Each Other Up. 
You’re going to learn from 7+ doctors and health leaders that have used specific business strategies to create residual income and break free from the day to day grind...all while building 7 and 8 figure businesses. 
Here’s What You’ll Discover at 
the Health Experts Alliance...
21st century marketing strategies for practice automation, how to build a 100% cash based virtual practice and strategies to make life-changing residual income in your practice or online…
  •   How to create marketing automation so that you never have to worry about new leads or overhead again
  •   Residual income solutions to take over your primary source of income so you can choose to see patients because you want to, not because you need to.
  •   The costly mistakes that you can easily avoid so that you save time and money as you’re building your dream business
  •   3 simple ways to auto-generate more leads when you’ve got no time
  •   A trick learned from a $10,000 internet marketing mastermind that can 6x your ROI in online ad spend and back-end sales
  •   How to establish authentic connections and synergistic partnerships that will skyrocket your business 
  •   New cutting-edge health technologies that will have your patients sending you so many referrals you’ll need to become a waiting list practice
  •   How to build a virtual practice and online brand from scratch so that you can expand beyond the 4 walls of your practice and spend more time doing what you love
  •   The specific steps to take to systematize your brick and mortar plus Q&A around systems and selling your practice
If you want to create more freedom, more impact & more income, then invest in yourself & your future today by Registering Now.

Dr. Isaac Jones, DC

Dr. Isaac Jones and his wife Erica are the founders of Elevays Health (formerly Designer Health Centers). Their vision is to create global health transformation through empowering doctors and health professionals to impact more lives. 
His practice is now 90% referral based, he charges $25,000 CASH for his programs and he never has to worry about generating new leads every month. His other residual income streams generate close to half a million dollars a year.
What’s even better?  Those programs are earning money while he travels the world with his wife and two children.
Because of his success, he now coaches and trains hundreds of doctors around the world on how to implement his three step system so they, too can create more time, more impact and more income.
The Health Experts he trains have successfully built their dream businesses… and you can too.
Learn advanced strategies to scale your practice and how to build your own personal brand from the developer of one of the top websites in the world.

Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS is a certified doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people get healthy by using food as medicine. In 2008 he started Exodus Health Center, which grew to become one of the largest functional medicine clinics in the world. 
After scaling his health center, he sold it to break free of the four walls of his practice. Since then, he’s created one of the top 10 most visited natural health websites in the world at which has over 12,000,000 monthly visitors. He now runs an 8 figure business that is on track to do over $100,000,000 in the next couple of years.
Do you want to learn how to build a multi-million dollar 
cash based practice?
Josh is going to give you insights and solutions on how to systematize and scale a business as well as the DNA behind a powerful personal brand.

Dr. Jason Olafsson

Dr. Jason Olafsson graduated school as a healer, but soon realized that in his private practice he needed to be the head of finance, an office manager, a marketing guru and a sales expert. Like many doctors, he felt burdened and overwhelmed, especially with a wife and 4 children at home. 
Through many ups and downs he optimized office staff, streamlined systems and automated marketing. He went from running a low 6 figure health center to a multi-million dollar business in just 3 years. His health center is ready to scale even more because of how he’s systematized and automated what he does.
Dr. Jason Olafsson will teach you how he’s gone from his business “owning him” to becoming an entrepreneur where he “owns his business”... 
In 7 years Jason went from taking food stamps for his family of four and living in his parents basement to owning a multi-million dollar cash based business.

Dr. Pete Camiolo

Dr. Pete Camiolo has spent that past decade mastering the art of communication and leadership in the clinical health space. He founded and currently is CEO of what has consistently been one of the most successful natural health centers in the world year after year. He is a proud husband to Mary and father to his four children.
He used to be a slave to his practice, despite that fact, he was looked up to by many of the top doctors in the industry as the pinnacle of success. Even though he had the respect and admiration of his peers, his personal fulfillment and internal happiness was suffering.
He’s now become the CEO of his practice, implemented systems to scale his office and impact while creating more freedom and more income. And the icing on the cake is that Pete has more time to spend with his family and do the things that he loves.
Pete’s going to teach you how to go from slavery to CEO in your business so that you own your business versus it owning you.
Understand the future of nutritional technologies in healthcare, and how you can be a better health entrepreneur from a guy that has built a 9 figure supplement empire.

Jordan Rubin

Jordan Rubin is a survivor. At 19 he was told he had an incurable disease that would require drugs and medication for the rest of his life. After losing so much weight from the disease that he almost lost his life, he took the natural approach to healing. And heal he did.
His personal mission is to transform the health of this nation and world, one life at a time. Jordan founded Garden of Life, the leading whole food nutrition company in natural health. He is a bestselling author of dozens of health, nutrition and inspirational books. Jordan Rubin today… Media personality. Innovator. Inventor. Scientist. Entrepreneur. Organic Farmer. Friend. Father.
Jordan wants to inspire you to be the best version of yourself as a doctor and entrepreneur as possible.
Do you want more referrals from your ideal clients?  
Learn insights that Zappos and Nike use to create a “wow” customer experience that translates directly into your practice and personal brand…

Dr. Matthew Accurso

Dr. Matthew Accurso is the lead “Customer Experience Expert” at Elevays health. He’s designed strategies and systems like Zappos has to blow our customers out of the water. This is one of the reasons we get so many referrals.
Dr. Accurso worked with Dr. Pete Camiolo for years in one of the largest health centers in America. He comes from one of the most distinguished healthcare families in the world and will be showing you “under the hood” of why we do what we do at ELEVAYS and how to create a “wow” experience for everyone you work with.
The future of healthcare isn’t “doctor-centric” it’s “patient-centric” and customer service oriented. 
Once you learn the service strategies he implements, your practice and health business will never be the same.
If you want to create more freedom, more impact & more income, then invest in yourself & your future today by Registering Now.
Why You Should Attend
Health Experts Alliance came out of Dr. Jones’s vision of creating global health transformation. As a visionary, he’s focused on pioneering new ways of “being” so that more lives can transform. 

With disease skyrocketing and children dealing with more and more problems, big-hearted doctors and health professionals need to stand in the gap. This event is about joining with you to do just that. 
Core Components Of Health Experts Alliance
Meet other innovators and Health Experts that will inspire you to elevate your game.
Learn from Health Experts that have built 7, 8 and 9 figure “dream businesses” to help you expand your mind, show you living proof of what’s possible as well as the steps on how you can do the same.
Be the first to know what’s on the horizon for modern day health care. You’ll get to rub shoulders with the people that are leading the movement in patient-centered health technology.
Get real-time feedback on your business ideas and current challenges from other leaders and health experts in the field.
Business Q&A
Get your questions answered from Health Experts who have mastered the sales and marketing as well as traffic and conversion side of their business.
Health Snacks
We live in integrity with our message, so that means we’ll have tons of healthy options to keep you alert and feeling your best during the entire event.
Clinical Round Tables
Get your questions answered from Health Experts who have mastered the sales and marketing as well as traffic and conversion side of their business.

Daniel Stickler, MD - Biohack your health through advanced lifestyle genetics.

Jay Davidson, DC - How to detox lyme disease and co-infections naturally

Libby Darnell, DC - Learn how to create a culture of happiness through infusing positive psychology into your interactions with patients

Puja Wentworth, DC - How to overcome adversity in your own personal life as a doctor to create a thriving practice and future.

David Jockers, DC- Intermittent Fasting, Ketosis and Gut healing

Brad Gorski, DC - The best nutrition and supplement strategies to help with Autoimmunity and Thyroid conditions.

Lori Serra, ND - Women's health and natural hormone balancing from pregnancy to menopause.

Rudy Meuller, MD - Integrating Functional Medicine and lifestyle genetics successfully into your practice for weight loss.

Evan Hirsh, MD - Undressing chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to address the cause for long term sustainable energy and vibrance in your patients.

Leona Allan, DC - Help your patients achieve more freedom in their health and their life by understanding the 5 Stages to Freedom.

Barabra Jennings, DC - Sustainable weight-loss programs and solutions for the 21st century patient.

Theresa Thompson, DC - Preconception planning for beautiful pregnancies and epigenetic excellence through the infant's growth and development.

Ben Galyardt, DC - Integrating Neurofeedback in your brick and mortar and virtual practice and how biotoxins and environmental toxins such as mold and mercury affect brain performance.

What Makes Health Experts Alliance Different
Our mission is to lead health entrepreneurs to leave a lasting legacy on this earth.
This is an event created by entrepreneurial minded doctors for entrepreneurial minded doctors and health professionals.
We are leading the way in 21st century marketing and patient care.
This event is bringing abundant minded, big-hearted doctors and health professionals together who want to collaborate and innovate.
Who this event is not for...
  • The Scarcity Minded - People who by the end of the page think it’s “too expensive” and are already making excuses why they can’t create a better future.
  • The Value Extractors - If you don’t care about adding value to others and your focus is extracting as much value for yourself, then this event isn’t for you.
  • The Fixed Mindset - If you’re not “growth oriented” and think you know everything already, you will have nothing to learn at this event.
Where Is Health Experts Alliance Happening?
This event will take place in Atlanta, Georgia at the
Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center.  It's near a Whole Foods and many other healthy restaurants.
you’re going to learn the “SEO” 3-step system to becoming a Health Expert...
#1. Systematize - In order to scale and if you want, even sell any practice or business you have to systematize. This is what enables Dr. Jones and Erica as well as Dr. Axe to make money while they sleep from anywhere they are traveling around the world.
For example, one of the first things you can do to systematize your business is to document all processes in your business that occur from day to day. These are processes like email responses, appointment scheduling, patient and new employee onboarding and even product launches.
This becomes a reference point or training manual so that everyone knows what’s expected. As you hire new people and Expand (here’s where we get to the “E” in SEO), you have a step-by-step guide that makes hiring and general office operations a breeze.
#2. Expand. This is where you move more towards accomplishing your life vision. We want you to build a first class team and expand your influence by creating ways you can create residual income and impact more lives through the online space - whether that’s writing a best-selling book or creating your own high-converting online programs.
Once you’ve systematized your bread and butter business, you can move forward by adding additional income streams to expand your reach. This can be automated online programs, launching a physical product line like supplements or simply broadening your existing menu of services. 
#3. Optimize. This is where you start polishing the goals and systems you have to make them even better so you can impact more people.
When you’re optimizing you’re asking questions like:
-  Where can I add more value to patients?
 - Where can we cut out steps in our process to make things more streamlined?
Optimization can include elevating patient experiences to create raving fans of your work (this is essential if you want to build a referral based business that’s not dependent on heavy marketing and ad spend). Or it could mean hiring a new distributor to fulfill products from your online store. Really, it’s anything that makes your business run better.
We will be getting into all of the details on what it takes to go through the SEO process at the Health Experts Alliance.
This is an event that will be packed with strategies and tips that can completely transform your business and your life. Our goal is for you to 10x your investment within the first 3 months of attending. 
Next Steps...
You’re going to click on the ‘order now’ button below, put in your credit card info on the next page, add how many team members you want to attend for $197, and then get access to the first annual Health Experts Alliance event in Buckhead, just north of downtown Atlanta, where you will learn immediately actionable strategies from America’s top Health Experts that have built 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses in this space.
Register For Health Experts Alliance Now
Basic Admission - Silver
You can bring a team member with you for only $197 
more on the checkout page.
  • General seating just behind the exclusive Health Experts Alliance VIP section on the main floor 
  • Special offers from our sponsors and partners ($1000+ value)
  • 1 Year Access to the private Health Experts Alliance Facebook page and community. ($2000 value)
  • Access To The Health Experts Alliance Private Party on Friday Night
  • Access to exclusive Health Experts Alliance App where you can message and connect with people from HEA directly through your phone.
  • 10% of proceeds go towards New Story Charity

The VIP Package - Gold
You can bring a team member with you for only $197 
more on the checkout page.
  • Express Entrance
  • Seating in the exclusive Health Experts Alliance VIP section starting in the front rows of the conference room. 
  • Exclusive Catered Lunch both Friday and Saturday with Speakers in Private Room (Healthy food options)
  • Exclusive Catered Dinner with Speakers at True Food Kitchen
  • Private Q&A Session with Speakers and other Health Experts
  • Access To The Official Archangel Summit Private After Party
  • Special offers from our sponsors and partners ($1000 value)
  • 1 Year Access to Dr. Jones’s High Performance University, a private video course with health experts sharing their best health and self-development wisdom. ($2000 value)
  • Access to the private Health Experts Alliance FB community
  • 10% of proceeds go to New Story to help build sustainable communities in 3rd world nations. 
  • First Chance to apply for future growth opportunities.
Our Guarantee...
We will not waste your precious time, money and energy. 

So if after the first day of the event, if you don’t see how you could double your income and quality of life in the next 12 months, then we will give you 150% of your money back, with the extra 50% to cover any travel expenses that you may have incurred.
What If...
If you don’t come will you continue to have the glass ceiling on your income? 

Will you continue to be a slave to the system and business? 
Will you continue compromising your relationships and even your health? 

Most importantly, will you be sending yourself the message that “I don’t believe in following my true vision and dream anymore. I’m not worth it?”
...You are worth it.
...Your family and future are worth it.
...Attend the Health Experts Alliance in Buckhead, Atlanta Georgia and see what’s possible!

Dr. Josh Wagner

"I was controlled and restricted by my office hours and location. Then I went to Dr. Jones event and it was the first real inspiration for me to see what I was capable of achieving for far more life freedom and impact in the world. I now practice part time by choice and have created a very profitable online business sharing my passion and giving me the freedom to have a 2nd place in Miami, FL and my own schedule. I highly recommend learning from Dr. Jones to help you understand what is possible for your life."

Dr. Brad Gorski

"I was really looking to expand my mindset and really see what is possible for my practice, and without a question I can say that after attending the event with Dr Jones I have fulfilled that goal. I feel like I have grown my mindset, feel extremely positive about where I’m going with my life, my practice and my brand and I’m grateful for that."

Dr Lori Taeger Serra

"I felt I had major breakthroughs at this event just being around like-minded people who are world changers and want to make a difference. Coming from a place of love and compassion and really non-judgement, to encourage each other and just hear others challenges and even my own challenges in a safe place."

Dr. Puja Wentworth

"We were at a crossroads at our professional and personal lives and were really wanting to seek out what would be the most highest integrity, most fun, most joyous, connection-filled group of individuals to take it to the next level with and create a revolution around health, and these guys are it! We came out looking for a tribe and we found our tribe."

Drs. Jeremy Darnell and Libby Wiese

"Before this event we were really looking for direction on how to take our practice to the next level and even personal direction and really to get our vision together on where we wanted to be a year from now, 5 years from now. And by coming to this event it really helped create a lot of clarity and a lot of purpose gave us a lot of visuals behind where we really want to go so really gave us direction which is awesome.""
Frequently Asked Questions
How and when do I register?
Register as soon as you can as we are raising the price the closer it gets to the event and as we get closer to capacity. You can do so by clicking here.
When will I get a receipt and confirmation?
You will get a receipt/confirmation immediately after online registration.
Can I bring a team member?
Yes. Upon checkout you can add additional team members for $197. These people must work on your team and you will have to be prepared to verify they do upon registration.
What does the syntax look like for the event?
We won’t release all the details of the event as we want to keep some of the things we are doing for you a surprise. However, Friday the 20th, registration will be at 9:00am and the seminar will start at 10:00am and finish at 5:30pm. Friday night from 9:30-11pm there will be a party. Saturday the 21st we will start at 9:00am and finish again at 5:30pm. Lunch both days will be from 1:00pm to 2:00pm with a plethora of healthy choices including True Food Kitchen and Wholefoods.
What If I Purchase A Ticket But Have To Cancel? Do You Offer A Refund?
We strongly encourage you to make the decision NOW to attend Health Experts Alliance, so mark those calendars and prepare as far in advance as possible. We know that things come up unexpectedly.

We have two policies that you can follow:

1. You are welcome to transfer your ticket to another person. Simply email [email protected] with the name and email of current ticket holder and the person the ticket is being transferred.

2. You can transfer the ticket to next year's Health Experts Alliance. Just let us know at [email protected]
Is lunch included with my ticket?
If you picked the VIP ticket above, lunch will be included both days, as well as a special VIP dinner with the speakers on Friday Night.
For people that invested into the regular admission, there are dozens of restaurants in the area to choose from including Wholefoods, Zin Burger and True Food Kitchen. The conference will resume at 2:00pm SHARP, so make sure that you are back in a timely fashion.
What should I bring with me?
Think about the “one thing” you want a breakthrough in for your business. Is it systematizing your practice? Building an online brand? Going “virtual”? Creating residual streams of income? Bring a notepad, pen and business cards are also suggested, as not only will there be lots of information for you to retain, this conference will also prove to be a great networking opportunity.
What is the recommended attire for the conference?
Business casual, or whatever you feel comfortable in. You dress up so much, so just come as your most authentic-self.
Will there be a chance to network with my peers?
Yes, numerous breaks throughout the day that will prove to be valuable networking opportunities along with the way the event is designed.
Are there any discounted hotel rates available?
Yes, we are in the process of securing hotel room blocks at various hotels in the vicinity. Stay tuned for details to come!
Can I be a rockstar volunteer?!
Thanks for your support and yes, we're definitely in need of rockstar volunteers.
Please email [email protected] for volunteer criteria.
How can my business become a sponsor of this event?
If you are interested in sponsoring this event please fill out this form: 

A memo from Dr. Isaac...
"You graduated to help people and live a good lifestyle. You deserve that. But this is not the standard in the industry. I want you to create your own economy of scale that will create more time, more money and most importantly more impact in the world.
And remember, if you think we suck, and you can’t see how you can double your income and create more freedom for yourself in the next 12 months then I’ll give you 150% of your money back with the 50% to cover any travel expenses you may have had. It’s what I call a “no brainer”.
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